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Wii Media Center X 0.92

A Free Wii MediaCenter for Windows, Mac, Unix and Linux
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Wii Media Center X performs the function of web server with a few optimization for the latest Nintendo Game Console, media can be delivered by either streaming pictures, music and videos. Given the fact that it share similar features that a commercial product called Wii Transfer, will discuss some of their differences. The most important thing is that the development of Wii Media Center X is multi-platform in other words Mac,Windows, Linux and Unix have their unique installer.

Another interesting feature is that it is a free program, just download and install, although its setup process is far from simple, after you have completed each step, the result is similar to any other commercial product.

Among its strengts the program have a user friendly and colorful menu and once the configuration and initial preparations are completed it has a good performance.

The inconvenience comes in three parts, the first one is where to download the setup file, I tried to get the Windows setup from the developer site and almost all links (none of them hosted on their site) had ads or pop ups and I ended downloading the setup from megaupload!; the second is the need to dump the content you want to enjoy from the Wii to the folder on the server (your PC), which means duplicate files, or that we can only see what we've stopped copying. The third issue is not program itself, but it affects its performance as well, Im talking about the time you need to spent to load the data into the console.

Finally, the videos must be converted into Flash Video, but unlike Wii Transfer, is not automatic but through a separate Video Converter, that is free, too.

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  • Its free
  • Once configuration its done, it provides a quality product that can match a commercial product in some tasks


  • Setup download isnt always available or just have too much ads
  • Still in developement, have some performance issues with specific filetypes
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